10 reasons to choose Pavel Kovcheg:

  1. Always has a bow-tie, varnished shoes and additional smile

  2. Internal and external control of the guest's mood

  3. Only new dancing tracks with a flavoring background

  4. Entertaining presented by the best serotonin producers

  5. Dishes' hit up with a laugh

  6. Coordination of thoughts and dancing pas

  7. Tiers dressed with soul words

  8. Making guests closer, the newest achievements of laugh-therapy

  9. Substitution of the alcohol with cocktails full of emotions

  10. SURPRISES even in stakes, champange and your own thoughts :)

*A special offer of this year: while ordering an event of our company, you get a special offer of 3D in your fantasy during a month.

While writing this article, non pigeon was hurt :)